This Sunday at 10:30 AM:

Christmas at The River:
"Christmas Transformation"

Christmas is all about transformation. It's about morphing into something new; putting our past behind us and embracing a new and more hopeful future. Embedded in the Christmas story that Luke tells in his gospel are some clues as to the nature of this transformation. Come Sunday to find out more.

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The River Community Church meets at 11520 Ellerslie Road SW, in Edmonton, AB at 10:30 AM on Sunday Mornings.

First Time Visitors:
Thanks for your interest in The River Community Church.

If you’re like many Canadians, you don’t have a high view of church.
In fact, when someone mentions the word, you think “boring” or “irrelevant”.
At The River, we’d like to change your mind about church. First and foremost, we’d like you to discover, like we have, that knowing Jesus ushers you into a full life, one seasoned by grace, inspired by truth and rich in hope. Second, we’d like you to know that a church really can be a vibrant and world transforming community.